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Friday, 14 January 2011


We've been enjoying Michael Portillo's train journeys on BBC2 and when he stopped off at a traditional cheese-making farm in Cheshire I sat up and took note. I love cheese - the more traditional and tasty the better - and this farm looked fantastic. It belongs to the Bourne family and is situated in Malpas. After the programme I looked the place up on the internet and discovered that it was possible to order online ( ). I filled in an old-fashioned looking form and ordered Mrs Bourne's cheese selection. There was no method of paying so I didn't hold out much hope and the website didn't seem to have been updated since 2002. But this morning the beautiful cheeses, bearing hand-written labels, arrived along with the sort of invoice we used to be given before the days of plastic.
    I rang the farm to thank them and to give my card details. John Bourne himself answered and told me to pop a cheque in the post when I got chance. "I hope you enjoy them because they're pretty bloody good," he said. I'm absolutely certain we will.


  1. Beautiful old fashioned products, ethics and service warms your heart doesn't it? Enjoy!

  2. That's service for a change. I must investigate their website.

    I like the new blog design.