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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Featuring in the Innocent newsletter certainly sends my hit counter into overdrive - great stuff! I have now put my world-famous marmalade on ebay and will soon find out just who will pay £3.50 a jar for postage because that's what it'll cost - good old Royal Mail.

Today we went to Bodnant Gardens.




Friday, 20 April 2007

We all had the National winner - thanks to a silver birch being spotted behind the artist son's garage the day before the race!

The London son is home from Dubai and has been telling us about severe turbulance over Romania on the journey home - that would have finished me off. Before he went he'd applied for an Innocent Scholarship - the lovely company he works for gives away money every quarter to someone who wants to enrich their lives by doing something special. He's always loved orang utans and wants to see them in their native habitat. While he was away he heard he'd won the award - so that's his next holiday sorted.

We've just got back from a couple of days in York - I've never seen so many blossom trees.


We visited Fountains Abbey too.

Friday, 13 April 2007

We went to see Brian Ferry on Thursday. Very good if rather depressing - lots of overweight Lancastrian pensioners rocking in the aisles. His voice is as good as ever though - I just wish he'd done Virginia Plain.

Next stop REM in Dublin!

The London son is now in Dubai, in the middle of dust storms if the daily weather forecasts are to be believed. I've found a Dubai live webcam and will endeavour to get him to stand near it while he's there, so that I can make sure he's eating properly.

The artist son's off to London on Monday. He's a finalist in the Mercury Music Art Prize competition and his work is being featured in an exhibition near Covent Garden. He and his wife are now settled into their lovely home and our son has discovered a love of gardening - so much so that he now has a frozen shoulder for his efforts.

Our daughter's booked for New York in September and is hoping that it'll be warmer than when she was there last time. Then she spent the entire week with her hands in her pockets because it was too cold to let the air get at them.