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Monday, 2 March 2009

Sunday best

I was very pleased and more than a little surprised to find that the tank top I'd knitted for Oscar would actually go over his head. The top looked tiny once I'd finished it and I'd decided that I'd have to give it to one of my teddies (second childhood syndrome). Anyway, with a bit of a tug, it fitted. Very satisfying.


I have never known a baby like Oscar. He was here for four hours on Sunday and during that time he chuckled, cooed and raised his voice a few times, but didn't whimper or cry once. And when his mum thought he was ready for a nap she lay him on his side in his bouncing chair and gently closed his eyelids - and he went to sleep!



  1. Oscar is looking cute as ever
    have missed him recently
    keep up the photos!

  2. We haven't seen Oscar for some time. Hasn't he grown!

  3. how gorgeous is the photo in the tank top.