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Saturday, 21 February 2009


We went to the recording of Any Questions last night at the BBC studios in Manchester. We arrived at 6pm and the programme was on air at 8pm so I thought that there'd be lots of rehearsals and warm-ups to sit through. Not a bit of it, as cool as you like, Jonathan Dimbleby



led the panellists into the studio at seven minutes to eight. There was just time for a quick practice question and then we all listened to the 8 o'clock news as it was being broadcast and then bingo we were off - live. The panel was made up of Sunday Times columnist Minette Marrin; Culture and Sports Minister Andy Burnham; Francis Maude MP and Liverpudlian author Frank Cottrell Boyce. Many members of the audience had submitted questions and the ten best were chosen but in the end only about five or six had the chance to read out their question. The time flew and it was all very enjoyable and amusing.

I knew that a lot of the BBC was moving to Salford but until last night I didn't realise just how much - for instance I had no idea that Blue Peter would be filmed there or that the Blue Peter garden will now be based in that area. I have nothing against Salford - in fact all my dad's side of the family were from that region - but somehow I can't imagine that it will ever have the glamour of London. I look forward to tripping over dozens of celebs next time we venture out to the Lowry.

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  1. Last year I went to the recording of Question Time in Chester. Any Questions sounds like Question Time without the cameras.