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Wednesday, 4 February 2009


We stayed up last night to watch the Everton/Liverpool match on television - this was some feat since we're normally tucked up in bed at 10pm But our daughter's a Liverpool fan so we battled it out. Then after two hours' viewing the screen went black and a sponsor's advert came on - mayhem. The minute the picture was restored Everton scored.  My mobile rang: "Are you watching the football or the advert" asked the London son. Apparently where he was, when the picture came back on Everton were celebrating. So he hadn't seen the only goal of the match. I wonder if we'll get an explanation today from ITV.

Oscar's due to visit again tomorrow. I'm sure I can see those toothy-pegs peeping through


Am I the only person who watched "Ladies of Letters" on ITV3 the other night? I used to listen to the series on Radio 4 with Patricia Routledge and Prunella Scales (not actually with them). Maureen Lipman takes one of the television parts and it's witty and funny. In fact I meant to tape the whole series - but forgot as early as episode 1.

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  1. I take it Everton won!(Margaret - my sister will be pleased)