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Tuesday, 15 July 2008



Lunch in the Royal Birkdale's club house at the invitation of our friends, was superb. First we enjoyed drinks in the bar overlooking the 18th and then went upstairs to the dining room which has a big bay window, again overlooking the 18th. There were white daisies in the middle of each table in the shape of a golf ball, standing on a tall vase, representing the tee. Asparagus and then lemon sole with salmon mousse followed by a chunk of marmalade bread and butter pudding.


Fortunately we then walked a lot of the calories off as we followed Justin Rose (above). Some of his putting seemed a bit shakey - but better to get the nerves overwith now. The sun shone again - all's right with the world.

The artist son is curating an on-line exhibition which looks good.

When he was a little boy, our younger son came running through to our bedroom one night, shouting that the moon needed polishing. I knew just what he meant and when I looked out of the window last night it reminded me  of what he'd said.



  1. Significant Birkdale action, Deb. I will be there on Friday; are you and Mike going then?

  2. Hi Rob - yes we'll be there. We'll buy you a drink if we see you - the 17th is a great hole to sit by when you get fed up of walking. Are you only there for the day? M & C here from Friday night till Sunday.

  3. Only the day- train back to London in the evening. I'll get your mobile no. off the L'Oreal son and give you a ring during the day.

  4. hi again
    no mobile phones allowed in - they frisk you. There's a place where you can leave your phone on the way in. I'll have a think.

  5. Rob - Near the first tee there's a big cafe area called the Fairway. We'll be there at 1pm on Friday - if you fancy a bite to eat we'll see you there, but don't worry if you're elsewhere at that time - we won't be offended!

  6. Sounds great. Since I will to a certain extent be in the hands of others tomorrow (especially around lunch time), may I suggest a fall-back option of the 17th green at 3.30pm if we don't meet at the Fairway?

  7. Of course - and We realise you'll have your own plans so don't worry - it's so busy that it's a bit of a bind to have to fight your way through crowds just to be somewhere at a certain time - we'll see you if we see you - the 17th will be crowded but we'll be on the look-out! A real wash-out today, Sandy Lyle has already packed in.