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Thursday, 24 July 2008


Aaaaaaarrrrrgghhhh! It was quite a novelty when the hits on this website increased one hundred fold because people were Googling "George Clooney at the Open" and arriving here. BUT THE NOVELTY HAS NOW WORN OFF. So let me inform you once and for all that the man was never here - it was all made up by the press. In fact he was in Italy during the golf. And reports that Pierce Brosnan, Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas were all knocking back pints in our local were also a load of rubbish. So by all means come to my blog but only if you want to read the mundane ramblings of a mad woman - not if you want to read about celebrities who weren't at the Open Golf.


  1. Glad you cleared that up Deb. Message taken. But I'll still keep reading the blog - great!

  2. So no George Clooney but did you see the love birds, Chrissie and Greg?

  3. Hi Cheshire Wife
    We saw Greg Norman (obviously!) but not Chris Evert. We didn't do very well with our celeb spotting - we were too busy trying to keep the rain and blowing sand out of our eyes. happy days.