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Sunday, 20 July 2008


The barometer has swung round to fair, the sun is out and the golf is over. The weather definitely had it in for us  - even yesterday morning we were huddled under umbrellas in the stands as rain lashed down, driven sideways in the icy gale-force winds.  We plodded home at lunchtime - our Open over for this year and settled back to watch it on TV. But could that be the same place we had left only minutes earlier? The sky was blue instead of black and people seemed to have taken off all their waterproof cladding - typical is all I can say. And we'll probably now have a heatwave until the first day of York Races.

The London son was home for the weekend with a friend - and they filled us in on all their Malaysian escapades with the orang utans - our daughter was so impressed that she's gone and booked a holiday in Atlanta so that she can visit the giant panda cub that we've all been keeping an eye on via a webcam for the past two years.

When we got home from the golf yesterday I immediately set to work preparing the lunch. When I turned round I saw two big plates of 24 beautiful fairy-cakes. My brain couldn't take it in - where had they miraculously appeared from? While we'd been out our son and his friend had found my Nigella Lawson cookbook, nipped down to the village for ingredients and then made and baked them. My pudding problem was solved.



By last night there were just two left


  1. It was wise taking a photograph when you did - don't suppose there'll be any left by now!

  2. This weather is Sod's Law. At least it was fine yesterday for our visit to Tatton Park Flower Show.