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Sunday, 25 November 2007

My husband has done a lot of driving recently so when the sun was shining on Friday I suggested a trip to Chester by train. Never again. The normal 50 minute journey by car took two hours by train, waiting on chilly platforms for connections and then sitting in carriages next to people who should have been nursing their sniffles in bed. People watching was enjoyable though. Two university students were discussing their education. We learnt that they'd taken some of their A level modules three times before passing them and that neither of them knew what an appendix was. One repaid the other a £1 loan saying: "You can't go letting people lend off you all the time."


  1. Ah. It's like the sudden surge in people saying that when they have an itch, they 'have to itch it then.' Whatever happened to the verb, to scratch?

  2. or the verb to persuade - instead of "convinced me to" which is just plain wrong.