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Sunday, 2 December 2007


Last night we went to the Tapestry of Music event at Rufford Old Hall. I had paid almost £100 for three tickets - a two course supper followed by Tudor music in the Great Hall.
We are National Trust members and we went along really prepared for a wonderful Christmassy evening. The car park wasn't lit and there were no signs telling anyone where to go. We stumbled around with other lost souls on the dark, muddy paths until eventually we saw a light in a window. We tried to find a welcoming open door or at least a sign but there were none. Eventually we were admitted but the dining area was cold and the main solitary light did nothing to create a warm atmosphere. A few candles on tables would have made all the difference. The food was hot and tasty. However, after the meal, we were again left to our own devices and joined six other people wandering around in the dark, trying to find a way into the Great Hall. We had been told by someone in the dining room that there was a blazing fire to look forward to. No such luck. The fireplace was dark and miserable and the Great Hall with its 60 foot high ceilings (that's a guess) was absolutely freezing and I'm sorry to report that we left at the interval. The musicians worked hard and had we been seated next to a big log fire we'd have been more than happy to stay the course.
As soon as we got home we lit the fire, got the coffee on and wrapped ourselves in blankets - it took us until bedtime to thaw out.

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