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Saturday, 22 December 2007

Four times a week there's quite a performance in our kitchen as my husband prepares his flask of coffee to take to golf. I've watched the coffee spill all over the work surface on many occasions and asked no questions but this morning I got my brain into gear and tried to work out what was going on. First he puts a sweetener in a mug, then milk, then the coffee, then it all (or whatever doesn't spill) goes into the flask. I'd sort of thought that this must be so that he takes just enough to fill a mug but I realised that he doesn't take a mug with him, he uses the top of the flask as his cup. So I asked; and I really wish I hadn't because his reply made no sense WHATSOEVER. He performs this complicated regime so that he can stir the coffee and distribute the sweetener. Now, a woman would just shake the flask, although since the golf trolley jogs all over the course, there's no need to even do that. I explained all that as politely as I could and apparently it's not the same - one day, when I can be bothered, I'll perform a secret taste test.

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