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Thursday, 13 December 2007


I'm sure I must be one of Dad's Army's biggest fans - I know just about every word from every episode so when my husband said he'd take me to a stage production of the programme at The Lowry, I was delighted. I was a bit apprehensive though because obviously the television cast was handpicked and can never be bettered.
But the cast of this brilliant show did a really wonderful job and they had clearly studied their characters to the nth degree and had so many of their mannerisms that in parts it was almost possible to believe we were watching the real thing.
There were four episodes including the superb "Don't tell him Pike" and the one where there's a misunderstanding around Walker being a long-distance walker!
There's plenty of time to get tickets and extra dates have been added - it's a great way to start Christmas.
But what are they going to do about the Lowry shopping centre? The last time we went, it was deserted. Yesterday - a late-night-shopping Thursday in the run-up to Christmas, it was still deserted. What a shame.

I knew it would happen. This morning while only half awake, I squirted ear drops into my eyes. Just in case you're thinking of trying it - don't bother - it hurts.

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