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Thursday, 7 August 2008


While still raging about the ICICI fiasco, and in between emailing them, I found this on the This Is Money website.


ICICI Bank still does not comply with the Uk Banking Code, which sets minimum standards for customer service.

there is some anecdotal evidence that customers have struggled to receive passwords, to have money transfers happen on time and of people generally tearing their hair out trying to get their savings sorted.

In short, despite the good rate and the fact that others recomend ICICI Bank purely on their high rate (which is undoubtedly a 'best buy'), we're not comfortable recommending that our readers put their hard-earned cash somewhere that so many others are frustrated with

I only wish I'd read this before opening the accounts.


  1. They don't put that on their home page do they!

  2. Hi Deb, I reckon that bank is quite a safe bet - great rates too. Probably worth a bit of inconvenience but I know where you're coming from....

  3. Is the aggravation worth the high interest rate? Nothing is free.

  4. Is the aggravation worth the high interest rate. Nothing is free.