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Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Yesterday we were shown Oscar's room. At the end of September, Oscar will be our first grandchild and he already has more clothes than me. His room has been painted in beautiful creams and blues, his window overlooks open fields and he'll see the sunrise. His magnificent cot awaits his arrival (after he has outgrown his beautiful Moses basket) and he has two wardrobes - one stacked with clothes for when he's older and one packed with new-born outfits. He is going to be one lucky little boy. When we'd left his house his grandad-to-be and I were reminiscing about when his our son (Oscar's dad) was brought to our home in Hesketh Bank for the first time. We had a carrycot perched on a single bed, the curtains were cast-offs and most of the clothes he had were those I'd spent nine months knitting. His pram was second hand as was his cot. I won't add that we sent him up neighbours' chimneys as soon as he could walk in his clogs - but times are definitely - I was going to say better but I'm not sure that's the word - perhaps just different.


  1. I hope that Oscar isn't going to be too fashion conscious. Will he want to wear this year's clothes next year?

  2. Looking forward to seeing the little chap. Make sure you upload your pics asap