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Saturday, 21 June 2008


I bashed out another letter to the Times yesterday and lo and behold it's in today's paper. My husband's not spotted it yet so I'm holding my breath. I've just been looking at some of the photos from the Cotswolds - it's a beautiful area.




 It's my own fault - I shouldn't have been eating cholcolate. A big chunk of filling came away this morning just as I was enjoying a chunk of Cadbury's Dairy Milk. I'd spotted some temporary filling mix in the chemist a while ago so rushed down to the village for a pack. Handed over my £5, came home and got in a right mess. I mixed the powder and the brown liquid (the kitchen smelled like the dentist's surgery) and then tried to fill my own tooth - the stuff went everywhere and it burnt. In fact the side of my face felt as though I'd had three injections. I'm left with yellow cement covering more gum than tooth and I can hardly wait to phone the dentist on Monday. My Dad used to use super glue to stick fillings back in - maybe that was a better idea.


  1. stick to making cakes in the kitchen Deb!!!

  2. When you have the answer to the dilema of the rotating husband, posed in your letter The Times of 21 June, please let me know. At the moment I have housemaids's knee.

  3. Hi Cheshire Wife!
    yes I've been keeping abreast of your goings on since I discovered you were sitting behind us at the Neil Diamond concert! I think you need a course of anti-inflammatory tablets. Hope it improves soon.