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Saturday, 28 June 2008



The view from our son's balcony in Ibiza



It may seem rather unfair to compare Dunoon with Ibiza but the comparison is fresh in my mind because our younger son has just returned from three scortching days while my mother has just telephoned from Dunoon where she has been lying on her hotel bed all day watching the rain teeming down. I had a look at hotel and airfare prices to the Spanish island and it would have cost her half as much as she's paying for a week under leaden skies.

Our son spent half an hour on the phone this morning relating his Ibizan escapades and I've spent every minute since with my head in my hands - I was surprised he had half an hour to spare because he's now en-route to Malaysia where the weather (according to the BBC's 5 day forecast) is much the same as in Dunoon (only hotter).  May I offload my worries here?:

  1. Will his plane be hit by lightning?

  2. Will he remember to take the soluble aspirin that could save him from DVT?

  3. Will he get his connections - 3 planes to Kuala Lumper

  4. Will his luggage be lost?

  5. Will he wake up in time for his plane on the second day?

  6. Will he be scratched or bitten by an orang utan?

  7. Will he swim in the sea and be eaten?

That's enough for the time being. I read something very profound the other day by someone called Kahlil Gibran. It was: "You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth." I think someone must have drawn my string back a bit far.

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  1. I've spent many holidays in Dunoon and have had similar weather to your mother - I believe it's one of the wettest places all year round but on a good day the scenery is as good as any you'll find anywhere in the world.