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Wednesday, 11 June 2008



Victor Spinetti

We were back at the Lowry last night for "Come On Jeeves". It was very, very funny and there were some well-known names (well known in the sixties anyway). Darren Nesbitt, who was just about unrecognisable but very good as a bumbling old Harrods floorwalker; Anita Harris, to whom the years had been kinder as an American millionairess and the loveable Victor Spinetti who was just brilliant. We'd seen him in "Hard Day's Night" on the cabin TV last month but my husband still couldn't recognise him.

It turned out the London son was staying with colleagues at a hotel 500 yards down the road from The Lowry and I was tempted to pay him a visit but he'll be relieved to hear that I thought better of it.

While we were there I received at text from the artist son, who seems to be going loopy. "Just going to Bham to get a bike". I had to put my glasses on to make sure that it really said Bham and struggled to think if that could be anywhere other than Birmingham. This must be SOME bike.

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  1. Perhaps we could see a picture of said bike?