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Monday, 9 June 2008



It was good to see queues forming at the Klimt Exhibition, and not just because we had pre-booked tickets. The Albert Docks is a bleak, dark and gloomy place and even yesterday with the temperatures in the high 70s (no idea what that is in centigrade - maybe I'll learn that during my maths lesson today) and the sun blazing in an azure sky, the Tate was bathed in darkness so the queues brought a little much-needed life to the place. And Klimt brought some colour and some gold. I hadn't realised how similar some of his work is to that of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. As well as the paintings there are a number of interesting artefacts and I'm now determined to find some cutlery just like the 106-piece set in the exhibition.

After our allotted hour in the Tate we crossed the road to see Liverpool 1 - the new commercial section of the city. The new John Lewis is terrific but I was permitted only a 15 minute runaround because my other half was sitting on a step outside. So on a golf day I'll return for a proper look.


That part of the City of Culture looks good but it now leaves the huge question of what's going to happen to the previously-bustling area where all the big shops used to be. It's becoming a bit of a shanty town as one shop front after another is boarded up.

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  1. Quite right Deb - all that money just to move a few shops further down the road