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Sunday, 8 June 2008



Well, he may not have personality or rhythm by the bucketload but he can't half sing. Two full hours (no support act - excellent) of one foot-tapper after another belted out in that deep melodic, gritty voice and it's the last time I'll take any notice of a review in the Times (2*s).

Our seats, which I bought on the last minute, were behind the stage and I had visions of staring at his back for the evening. The seats were on the second row and I've never been so close to a performer - we were almost on the stage and actually, we experienced what it was like to be Neil Diamond because we were facing the same sea of faces. He didn't neglect us either and regularly came to our side of the stage to sing to us! I was going to call the London son when he sang Sweet Caroline (it's the only one he knows and likes to joing in with the ba ba bas) but I was so busy clapping and singing that I couldn't find my mobile.

My husband enjoyed it too but took a bottle of water to swig so that he didn't have to clap.


  1. Are you sure it was water in the bottle Deb?

  2. That's a very good point Barbara - you're one step ahead of me!

  3. saw neil at NEM Manchester 8.06. 08.......fantstic......can't wait for next british tour.