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Thursday, 29 May 2008


Our daughter had a night on the town yesterday and before she went out swore blind that she had her door key. In the early hours of this morning the phone woke me from a deep sleep. This was followed by knocking on the front door. She hadn't got her key at all. Not funny.  But I had to laugh just now when I pressed the flashing message light on the phone - "hello, it's me I'm standing outside." She must have thought that I would ignore the banging on the door and first go to the message machine in case we had an outstanding call.


  1. this has nothing to do with the daughter!
    you mentioned a few items ago (I'm slow on the uptake) Craig snd wife are expecting a baby - when is it due!!!!?????
    Great news anyway!!!

  2. Hi again Barbara - we must stop meeting like this! The baby is due around the end of September - Oscar Ying Lung (meaning Greatest Dragon). We can't wait and are all hoping that everything goes well. As you can imagine, there's smoke coming out of the knitting needles. I'll have to pick your brains for granny tips.

  3. I will get the knitting needles going down under too !
    bet you can't wait!
    love Barbara