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Thursday, 9 October 2008



We've (ok, I've) booked tickets for Keane and because every time I see them, I want to see them again, I've booked twice - once for the MEN and once for the Liverpool Arena. I'm just listening to their new album and can't wait till it's out on Monday. I've also just booked for Coldplay in December at the MEN - a bit late in the day and we'll need our binoculars to see them and I'll have to blindfold my husband who has a massive fear of heights. But first, Boy George this Sunday.

Our daughter has asked me to be by the computer at 9am today in order to book for the Pussycat Dolls - never heard of them!


  1. You are quite a little raver aren't you. My husband has never heard of Keane and I am not sure that he knows who Coldplay are.

  2. I don't suppose my husband knows either - but I'll drag him along because it's better than going on my own!