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Thursday, 30 October 2008


Today I made gingerbread. I was tempted at one stage to take a photo of the mess that was all over the kitchen work surface. I never make biscuits because of past failures but I thought with Hallowe'en approaching I'd make some gingerbread men. I didn't have a cutter so had to treck round Tesco's aisles in search of one. The bargain of the week must be the huge tub of different shaped cutters for £2. The mixture was rather gooey to say the least, and the first gingerbread man was disabled so I turned instead to a star-shaped cutter. This was more successful and a rectangular one was better still. If they were on a cake shop shelf, I'm not sure that I'd buy them. but Oscar's dad paid a visit and polished four off including the disabled gingerbread man and our daughter asked for two with her coffee - a triumph. Now I'm getting adventurous and might just cover a few in chocolate.

I had another run-in today with a call centre in India. This time it was Barclays. I'd rung to complain about the semi-closure of our local branch on Shore Road in Ainsdale. As soon as I heard the voice on the other end of the phone a great wave of frustration overcame me. Imagine trying to explain something about Shore Road in Ainsdale to a lady sitting in Delhi. We got nowhere, which wasn't her fault but Barclays'. Why oh why can't I just ring my local branch?

Yesterday I got a phone call asking me if I would be prepared to be interviewed for a magazine or radio on the topic of sore knees. The lady who rang said that I would be paid £175. I said I wasn't sure that my knees were sore enough to warrant an interview but she persisted and said that I would receive the call at 2pm today. I don't know why. but one of my knees has been unusually sore all day, maybe in preparation for the call. Anyway 2pm came and went and my views on sore knees were never sought. I feel most aggrieved because I'd already worked out what I was going to spend my new-found wealth on.

Oscar had a four-week knees up at a Chinese restaurant. His mum and dad treated us to lobster, sea bass, cha sui,  duck, belly pork, abalone and king prawns. Oscar wasn't impressed and said he preferred milk, followed by another sleep.

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  1. hehe..Oscar is just so adorable. It must be really frustrating when they said they will call and didn't. :(