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Monday, 20 October 2008


Because the brand always goes down well as birthday and Christmas presents I decided to take advantage of the American Eagle 50% off clothes offer. The postage was pretty pricey but even so, the deal was a good one and the total amount in dollars translated very favourably into sterling. That was before I received an official looking letter from Parcel Force which informed me that if I wanted the parcel I would have to pay the grand total of £41 made up of VAT, import duty and an £8 Parcel Force handling fee. I rang Parcel Force who told me that the customs people check one in seven parcels and I was just unlucky. I rang the customs people who said Parcel Force were wrong and that EVERY parcel worth over £18 is liable for the duty. The only alternative to paying would be not paying and that would mean my parcel being returned to the sender. I'd still have to pay postage and then would have to try to get a refund on the goods. I was in a cleft stick so I paid up. What a pain.

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