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Wednesday, 22 October 2008


We've enjoyed lots of meals at the Manchester branches of Wagamamas so when a restaurant opened in Liverpool One we were delighted and looked forward to lunch there yesterday. I ordered my favourite dish which is Chicken Katsu Curry and which is always piping hot and delicious. What a let down. The dish arrived looking a bit strange, the plate was cold and the first mouthful was less than lukewarm. It couldn't be eaten and had to be sent back. I was informed that a replacement would be brought in one-and-a-half minutes! Unfortunately the replacement was exactly the same temperature as the first. I think it was Michael Winner who said that everyone has an off day but the customer shouldn't be expected to pay on-day prices for off-day food.


  1. These restaurants can all be a bit of a lottery.We used some 'dine with wine' vouchers from The Times to have lunch at the Rowton Hall Hotel just outside Chester and were disappointed.

  2. We have Wagamamas here in NZ too but we have never been
    I see they are in my entertainment book so we will have to give them a go - will report back as to the service etc!

  3. I have eaten at Wagamamas in London (Covent Garden). also at Lakeside and have been thoroughly pleased with the lovely tasty food, especially when there is a 2 for 1 offer.