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Sunday, 13 July 2008


We've just walked in after a few hours watching practice rounds at Royal Birkdale. We're only one stop away on the train. The whole area has changed beyond recognition as golf fans from Dallas, LA and Florida wander through our village. Most people in the area have rented out their homes - some for as much as £70k for the week and we've watched people have extensions and conservatories built on the strength of their rental income. George Clooney is rumoured to be staying in Alan Hansen's house, which overlooks the course and the friend of a friend has Justin Rose in her house. All very exciting. An American caddy on the station platform has just asked me: "what time do you have?" I was waiting for the rest of the sentence - "what time do you have dinner etc" but the rest never came and I presume he meant "what's the time?" How quaint.  I suppose that'll be the next Americanism to creep into our vocab - joining the very annoying: "can I get a beer?" asked of the barman.



me at the 18th


Lots of yellow AA signs went up around the town bearing the words:

L.O.L.  Buses 

I thought that perhaps someone at the town council had a sense of humour but that doesn't seem likely so I reckon it must be something to do with the Orange Lodge procession that took place yesterday.



  1. Hi Deb - We sure would love to be there for the Open. Keep us posted here in San Fransisco. - Julie

  2. We'll be on the look-out for George Clooney and I've also heard that Robbie Williams is around - woooohoooooo!!!

  3. brings back memories of school days!

  4. Hi Barbara - yes it does. In fact last night I wandered over to the fence where we used to stand and watch all the activity (although it was really out of bounds!) and the memories came flooding back! Great days (I thought so anyway).

  5. Good Morning Deb,
    My wife and I just made reservations to come over yesterday (It's my 60th birthday present.) We are staying in Liverpool and need a ride to The Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Rental cars look awfully scarce and expensive.
    Met anybody staying in Liverpool?

    Bob - don't bother with a car - the train from Liverpool takes you right to the entrance of the Open - just get off at Hillside. cars are just a menace because you've got to queue to park etc.

  6. Sorry I am behind reading your blog. I had some problems with my computer at the end of last week. I think that you my have missed the next big idea for the moment. You should have rented out your house during the Open. Start planning now for the next time the Open is at Royal Birkdale.

  7. Believe me I would have rented it out like a shot! But my husband WOULD NOT HEAR OF IT!!!