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Thursday, 31 July 2008


I'm absolutely determined not to give the greedy fuel companies any more of our hard-earned money (Whoever is responsible for British Gas's PR, needs the push. Fancy announcing huge profits the day after telling us that fuel prices are going up by 30%) so I Googled "saving energy" and  eventually came to a site that told me to put my computer into hibernation when I wasn't using it. This has had two immediate effects. It raises my blood pressure every time I come to check my emails and find my computer asleep but to balance that out, it makes me do other things. This morning (6.30am) when I found the screen snoozing yet again, I decided to go and read a book instead of spending time surfing the net. This was very calming and amusing (Virginia Ironside - No I Don't Want To Join A Book Club - I can recommend it, especially if you're nearing 60) and in between reading I looked up and saw blue sky and the sun shining on the garden.


This is the life and I'm so glad I've kicked rude men with dirty doors into touch (see earlier entry). They're welcome to their aggression. Now I'm off to the dentist's.

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