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Wednesday, 25 November 2009


We went to Liverpool yesterday, and very impressive it looks - especially at night when everywhere is lit up. We had a meal in a restaurant that overlooks the new big wheel - it's a pity that Oscar wasn't with us because he loves lights and things that go round and round - he'd have been in his element. He'll be there on Saturday though when he visits Santa's grotto.


And since he's been practising walking like a penguin, he'll be able to meet up with his pals - the city is covered in them


It's just as well Oscar's not learning how to spell yet. A huge stall in the pedestrian area of Liverpool was covered in signs proclaiming "scalves £2 each"

Oscar's latest trick is walking backwards which he can now do at great speed, usually ending up at the far end of the room, against the settee.

at settee


Meanwhile the London son is discovering more and more facts about Bristol in the dark.  He 's spent the past three weeks there with his new job. His hotel overlooks the river but since he leaves before it gets light and arrives back after sunset he hasn't seen much of it.

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  1. We would die of embarrassment if we made such a spelling mistake, but today they don't care.

    Hasn't Oscar grown!