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Wednesday, 11 November 2009


I feel flat, totally let down and as though a friend has just pinched £80 out of my purse.  I am one of Ricky Gervais's biggest fans and haven't missed a local live performance. 'Politics' and 'Animals' were clever, hilarious and very witty. 'Fame' less so but 'Science' is an hour's worth of gratuitous filth. Not clever and not witty. And it's a pity that Gervais holds his fans in such low regard. When he said near the end of this pathetic performance that he hoped he hadn't offended anyone, the theatre went silent. Yes, Ricky you offended us all - but not with your unfunny un-pc 'jokes'. You offended us by taking the mickey and taking our money under false pretences. Unless you can be bothered to put a bit of work into a live performance, don't expect us to turn up.


 An impersonation of the fans who wait  outside the theatre to get Gervais's autograph - so you get the idea.

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