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Friday, 30 March 2007

I wrote Gordon Ramsay's recipes off ages ago, after trying to make his cinder toffee. The recipe was ridiculous and I found I was being asked to add things that weren't in the list of ingredients. Since then I've stuck with Delia. But at the weekend I found a recipe for three fruit marmalade in the Telegraph. I followed it to the letter, bottled and labelled it. Twenty-four hours later it was as runny as fruit juice so I dug out Delia's marmalade recipe. She recommended double the amount of sugar that the Telegraph recipe had called for. So I tipped the lot back into the preserving pan and re-boiled with the extra sugar. Perfection! But why publish recipes that are never going to do the job?



  1. Faith Blakemore25 April 2007 at 04:02

    Sounds lovely! How do I get some :) Yummy...

  2. Hi there
    Didn't know you could sell foodstuffs on ebay, in fact I don't think you can.


  3. Hello there. You can rely on Delia ! Please persist with your marmalade, it is tricky to make and even tricky - er to keep getting it right. I know I've tried. I would like to see lemon marmalade more popular, I think it is delicious. Perhaps you could help in my "quest".

    Looking forward to seing yours on e bay, anything that gets people to try home made food that tastes brilliant, and encourages them to start making things is just great with me.

    All good things

  4. your three fruit marmalade is interesting..I wanna taste some..really

  5. Hi Debs

    Being a loyal young Tory I'd been buying the Telegraph seven days a week since my first voucher book fell on my doorstep at Uni, but about 6 years ago I started getting into cooking and started finding some of the recipes whether it be Sunday or Saturday from time to time were a complete bin liner full of smelly stuff. Spke to a mate who swore by the Guardian / Observer gang and I haven't turned back since. Currently Hugh is on a Saturday and Nigel Slater on a Sunday (the questions can be very funny for Nige) and never had a bad recipe since.

    For balance though I don't make anywhere near every recipe so I guess it'll take a few more years of experiments to see if they are a more professional than the testers at the Telegraph.

    PS Love the Chintzy labels!

  6. Well Done, Matt's mum, the marmalade looks superb! Can I order a couple of dozen jars to have for prizes at our local hospice summer fete, please?


  7. I can't wait to see them on eBay!

  8. the package of this jams look v pretty!
    make me want to try a mouth.....
    have you tried to make a blueberries one?
    i luv blueberry jamsss!!!!

  9. Dont worry love you marmelade will do well, make sure you send me a pot :D

  10. woo yer jam tastes nice :D

  11. Marjorie Nicholls26 April 2007 at 11:38

    I make my marmalade with a tried-and-tested recipe. I tried a Gordon Ramsey rice pudding recipe recently and it was a total disaster. I waited for an apology (sorry folks, we had a misprint last week) but nothing of the sort ever appeared.
    I find the minimum amount of sugar I can use for a set is 5+1/2 lbs. when using 3 lbs. seville oranges + 1 or 2 lemons + 6 pints water. Recipe for this amount says 6 lbs sugar but this is a bit sweet for my family. Less than 5+1/2 lbs. does not set properly.
    Have never made three fruits marmalade - you have inspired me!

  12. Home made jams and marmalades make the world better place. Good job, Matt's mum. x

  13. Beth the barmy old fool27 April 2007 at 09:19

    wow good idea
    you go girl!
    marmalade rocks my socks!!!!
    sounds yummy
    (licks lips) =0)

  14. Well done!

    The packaging looks so pretty I'd definitely buy some. My Grandma loves marmalade and yours would be ideal for a little present for her. Good luck!

  15. Congratulations Matt's mum on your new marmalade recipe, looks delicious!!!
    Let me know if you decide to sell it on EBAY!! Why don't you just sell one at a time so it is only £3quid postage, would be worth it :) x

  16. I think its a great idea, from one Deb to another Deb - cant wait to be able to get some, I love marmalade!

  17. Go for it! I love marmalade soooooo much.