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Monday, 19 March 2007

Mother's Day was lovely - everyone home. Beautiful presents including tickets to see Bryan Ferry next month - can't wait! While everyone was in one place we lined up for photos....


We went to Manchester to see Peter Kay in The Producers at the weekend. It was very, very funny - I just wish the man sitting directly in front of me had kept his huge head still.


ps don't click to reserve tickets! My web design skills haven't yet reached those dizzy heights.
While in Manchester I spent a fortune in Selfridges on yet more anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing creams. I must be an advertiser's dream - and yet, even as I'm plastering the stuff on, I know for a fact it won't make the slightest difference - I mean, how can it?

The artist son tells me that his cafe royal website has had almost 20,000 hits in the past couple of months. Amazing - mine has had 11,000 in a year!

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