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Wednesday, 18 February 2009



Yesterday we went to have a look at the famous Minton floor in St George's Hall in Liverpool - which is only open to the public for a few weeks every few years. It was very interesting - but more interesting was looking round the basement cells where Victorian prisoners used to be kept and the old court room complete with judge's robe and wig. I can hardly believe that I've lived within 20 miles of Liverpool all my life and have never been inside the hall until now.

I ordered a car seat for Oscar - for the days when we're left in sole charge - and on the way to Liverpool my husband said that he wasn't sure how the car seat would be fitted in our car. "Elaborate" I told him. He said that because the driver's seat has a memory and glides backwards and forwards when the door is open, it might cause problems. "Go on" I urged - almost knowing where this conversation was heading. "Well it would mean Oscar would be moving with the seat."  Yes, as I suspected,  he thought that the baby seat would be strapped to the back of the driver's seat. This is a man who held down a responsible job for 40 years. And as our daughter pointed out, what would happen to a baby strapped to the back of the driver's seat in a two door car? The mind boggles. And I'm rather relieved that we got this nonsense over with before the seat was delivered.


  1. Trouble is we didn't have car seats when the children were small! They just slid around the back seat in a carrycot!!

  2. Don't make excuses for him!

  3. It makes you wonder what a man has in between the ears!