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Thursday, 13 November 2008


I only go to the hairdresser's every five or six weeks but every time I fork out around £50. In these belt-tightening times I decided that that was too much and tried to think of alternatives. I remembered that the local college has a hairdressing department where students train for three years. I looked the salon up on the internet and found that a cut and blow dry with a first year is free; with a second year it's about £4 and with a third year it's £6. This afternoon I had my hair done by a third year student who was being assessed. This meant that she was ultra careful and that the cut was double checked. I'm sorry to report that the assessor failed her! I can't be much of a judge because I was very happy - but then I'd just saved myself £46.


  1. well done! who cares if she failed the assessment - you saved the money

  2. You must be very brave! Most qualified hairdressers make a mess of my hair so I certainly would not let someone unqualified near it.

  3. Well, I did ask for just a trim because I reckoned if it was good I could go again in a couple of weeks and still save money and if it was bad my old hairdresser could do a repair job. But I am very pleased.