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Saturday, 1 November 2008


There was a thick frost here this morning and although we've had clear blue skies, it's freezing and it's Saturday and the gas boiler has packed up. There is no boiler repair man who is ready to sacrifice his weekend and come out so we'll just have to get on with it. Fortunately we opted not to have central heating in the conservatory so we've been able to drag the electric radiators in from there. I've now got two pairs of tights on enhanced by a pair of shocking pink bed socks; fleecy trousers and two jumpers and I have to say that I'm surprisingly cosy. The electric blanket is on and I have a hot water bottle at the ready. We'll show those boiler repair men...


  1. So - no photo!!!
    hope you get it looked at soon
    we have just had our best day yet!

  2. Hope you have got your boiler fixed.

  3. Hi Cheshire Wife - no we haven't. We're going to York for a few days so won't be around to let anyone in - so our daughter is going to be coming home to a freezing house. It'll be next Monday at the earliest before it will be fixed - bbbrrrrrrrrr

  4. Good job, then, that the weather has turned a bit warmer. Hope you enjoy York.