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Wednesday, 19 November 2008



We had a run out to the Yarrow Valley yesterday (we stumbled across it, while looking for somewhere else) and had a lovely walk in autumnal countryside - we've made a mental note to take Oscar there for a picnic one day.

Right next to the country park is a garden centre where they had the best selection of Christmas decorations I've seen and we discovered, the best warm buttered scones.


We had lunch at the Yew Tree Inn near Rivington - I'd read about it in Lancashire Life and was delighted when we saw sign posts to it and even more delighted when I spotted smoke belching out of the chimney. We plonked ourselves in the hottest seats, next to the blazing fire - bliss. The bar food was on the expnsive side but my piping hot bowl of curry and mango chutney was worth every penny and I'm sure by the time we left my glowing face could have acted as a beacon in the grey drizzle.


Meanwhile, for friends who keep asking how Oscar's getting on - here's the latest photo with his grandad.


  1. Very tranquil looking photo. Did you really take that photo this week? Most of the trees round here are practically bare.

  2. No - I have to confess, I forgot to take my camera and cribbed this one from elsewhere on the internet