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Thursday, 13 November 2008



Back in May the London son heard that he'd won a place in the ballot for NFL tickets. Because he was at work, I sat by the computer at the allotted hour and swooped on Ticketmaster for four over-priced tickets. The tickets duly arrived by courier and our son and three friends set off for the match and the tail-gate party. An immense amount of planning went into the occasion with presidents' masks being ordered online and a morning screening of a film about the said presidents arranged. At home in Southport, videos were set and we all sat around the screen for five hours watching a game that none of us understood or had any interest in save that our son and his mates were there and we stood a chance of seeing them on tv.

So imagine my surprise - nay, horror - when, the following morning, our son sent a text saying that he didn't see the game because there'd been a mix up over tickets. Apparently one ticket (his) did a disappearing act so he ended up on the train home after the tailgate party, only to discover - too late - that the ticket had been found. If I was a cynic I might think that copious amounts of alcohol had been consumed by Messrs Reagan, Kennedy, Nixon and Carter and perhaps played a part in this fiasco but if not, then all I can say is that I thought it was only female blondes who were dizzy.

I think this was our son - although who knows? I wouldn't have been surprised if the lot of them had been flung behind bars.

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  1. They should hire themselves out for parties - fantastic.