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Friday, 1 August 2008


I've just emailed Virginia Ironside to tell her how much I'm enjoying her book - I've told her about my blog so I hope if she visits, she'll leave a comment - wouldn't that be exciting!

I went to the dentist's.  The heavy-handed manly woman who was my dentist has left and now I'm in the hands of a very pleasant 26 year-old boy who has a much gentler touch. I'm not sure what he must make of me though. After having half my face numbed he invited me to "please rinse" . I followed his instructions and then spat all the mouthwash over the floor - I had no control over my mouth at all. I couldn't even form the words to apologise, so I said nothing. It was like something from Little Britain.

When I first sat down it was all I could do to stop myself laughing out loud. The chair (more like a bed)started tipping backwards - and didn't stop. I was absolutely certain that I was going to slide off, bang my head and do a backward somersault before landing in a heap on the floor.


  1. It sound like this new dentist is a bit heavy handed with the local anaesthetic.

  2. yes - i did think that. He seemed to be pumping the syringe in for about 5 minutes and yet I was able to eat a three course lunch four hours later with no ill-effects.