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Friday, 15 August 2008


The Courtyard at Little Crosby is just the sort of place I'd love to own. An old barn, turned tea room, with tables and chairs outside in amongst pots of flowers. There's even a black goat who sunbathes. We're going there for lunch - and if you're in the area, I can recommend the chargrilled vegetable sandwiches.


I've just had an email from ICICI informing me that I can now log on to my account. Ready for another fight, blood pressure soaring, I tried. IT WORKED. Well, wonders will never cease.


  1. Wish I had known about The Courtyard when we wentb to see Another Place.

  2. If you're in our neck of the woods again let me know and I can point you in the direction of some decent places (mind you there aren't many to compare with the ones you've got around you.)

  3. We took two friends to Another Place on Saturday and had the good fortune to come across The Courtyard after.Excellent food and delightful service.Highly recommended.Will certainly go again.

  4. Mrs Morton and Mrs Empson18 August 2010 at 20:53

    we have had many lunches and sent many more people to you.We all love the food surroundings and service.But all have the same comment.Why are'nt the dishes served with a garnish.Alittle lettuce and tomato brightens the whole dish and makes it so much more interesting. I know we come from a long line of caterers and had a business for many years,but even the people who have'nt expect a garnish as everyone watches tv food programes and this is such a big part of it. I know you can order a side salad at £2. which my friend did, it consisted of different leaves and bits of other things and one cherry tomato,drenched in vinigar based dressing,this rendered it inedible.When we mentioned it to a member of staff she pointed out you never garnish as it usually does'nt get eaten but we paid £2 and could'nt eat it.She went into the kitchen and never returned,so the pear and almond cake and tea which was the original idea for our visit,went unordered we gave up,bought your lovely icecream and paid the bill went home and made our own sweet and tea.The saying is if you enjoy tell your friends if not please tell us.Which we did but it has to be taken in the spirit it was given.I learnt many things from listening and it never really cost a lot to please people and keep them coming back.We still love your place and respect how much money and time it takes to make a succesfull business. We will continue to spread the good word and visit ourselves. We hope you find our c0mments helpfull and in the spirit they are sent.We wish you continued success.Audrey Morton and Joan Empson Southport.

  5. Hi - I hope the owners of the Courtyard will read your comments. Thanks for leaving them. best wishes, Deb

  6. Having gone to the courtyard for years, the only dishes which are served without a garnish is the jacket potatoes. Sandwiches and other hot food are all served with a fresh salad, home made coleslaw and crisps, the side salads are available for those who order jacket potatoes who would still like a side salad. I do agree that sometimes there is too much dressing given on the salads, may I suggest next time you go you ask the waitress to have the dressing brought out separately so you can put on what you like.
    Best wishes.