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Wednesday, 7 January 2009


I just hope The Killers don't cancel their Manchester concert. The tickets I put on eBay sold a few minutes ago for £200 - a 100% profit which seems too good to be true.  A cancellation would really upset the apple cart.

We went to Boundary Mill today. It was relatively warm in Southport when we left (4 degrees!) but by the time we approached Colne we hit banks of thick snow and sleet. My husband finds it hard to put in half an hour's shopping, whereas after half an hour I was still perusing the first rail. I came away with boring bedding and towels - I'll definitely have to go on my own.


  1. Oscar and I will go with you next time :)

  2. Joanne - I'm so sorry, in my haste to get the tickets sold, I just overlooked the fact that you're a fan. Let me know if I should look out for more tickets for you xx