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Thursday, 8 January 2009


Today my cut and blow dry cost me £3. I had a second year student at the local college. I can hardly believe how much money I'm saving and while I was there I saw a sign saying that men can have their haircut free of charge! Well, you can't get much cheaper than that. The artist son says they also do back waxes.  I've passed that info onto his dad who didn't seem impressed - although he might have been asleep.

Today I took Oscar out for a walk. His eyes were like saucers as he watched all the trees going over his head. I kept up a barrage of chatter in case the bottom lip trembled - but no, he was just fascinated and so was I. Unfortunately I didn't bump into anyone I know (I did try).



  1. he is a handsome boy! this picture is just so lovely!
    3 bucks haircut!! that's real cheap. even dollar to dollar in Malaysia it is cheaper, ours is 5 bucks at the indian barber.. haha

  2. Hi Maggie
    your two boys are great - I still follow your blog. x