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Monday, 19 January 2009




I'm using this blog as therapy because I cannot believe how many incompetent people have jobs dealing with the public.

On a bitterly cold day this month we trecked through Southport calling at banks and building societies to get the best ISA rate. Found it, opened it, forgot about it - sorted. Not sorted. At 5.30 pm yesterday I had a phone call from the new ISA provider saying that I had now missed the good rate because Experian couldn't "verify" me. Delving deeper I asked what this meant. "You must have moved recently or changed your name." NO I HAVEN'T. I rang Experian - ultra-rude woman answers phone and tells me I must pay for a credit check - OH NO, you're not getting me that way I say, I've never been overdrawn, I've never had a bad debt so I know my credit rating can only be 100%. "I'm transferring you now"  then an automated idiot tells me for ten minutes that my call is important but that operators are busy chatting about last night's Big Brother and after all,  I'm not THAT important. I hang up.

I'm just about to boil over. Now, I have just signed for a parcel that turns out to be something for the London son, that should have been sent to his address - a broadband modem. This has been ordered from O2 after six months of fruitless phone calls on his part to Orange.

And while I'm at it, having read Robert Peston's book on who's to blame for the financial mess the country's  in I can see that the incompetency starts at the top. Sack the lot of them and put a woman in charge - me.

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