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Saturday, 31 January 2009



My ears are still fizzing. As always, Keane were fantastic last night and they really seem at home in Manchester. They did a full two hour slot and I've never seen a band work so hard or put so much effort in. And they're such nice boys into the bargain (that'll age me). Our seats were the best ever, row D, on the edge of the stage (booked at 9.04am on the pre-sale day). The atmosphere was warm and friendly and unlike at the NKOTB concert, there were no screaming teeny boppers.

When we arrived and my husband spotted a metal barrier in front of us (as there had been at Old Trafford for REM) he said that if he saw any Mormons swinging over it, he was leaving. I was intrigued by this and as I was mulling it over he realised that he'd meant morons.

The artist son is giving a talk at the Tate this afternoon on zines and our daughter is off to Manchester to find out more about  Camp America so it'll be a small gathering for Sunday lunch. We'll be missing the little cheeky chappy - at the rate he's going it won't be long before he's tucking into roast beef and yorkshire pudding.




  1. Oscar is looking so cute!
    How is the snow in Southport?

  2. do you know what Barbara - there isn't any! There has been such a lot of fuss made about the snow and I've no idea why. We used to get to school or work in all weathers - ridiculous.

  3. i love pics of Oscar! he is an absolute cutest baby i have seen so far..:))))