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Wednesday, 28 January 2009



We've managed to book a hotel that we absolutely know will be first rate. We've tried so many times to get a room (there are only three) at the Abbey Inn, overlooking Byland Abbey in the Yorkshire Dales and every time the place has been fully booked. My husband spotted a mid week break deal and we've managed to get the front bedroom with a four-poster and windows overlooking the abbey. There's a full Yorkshire breakfast to look forward to and I cannot wait. I spoke to the owner on the phone. She sounded middle aged, pleasant, friendly and efficient so I don't expect to find a broken toilet, glass on the floor or paper peeling off the walls - three cheers.

Today was a gardening day - beautiful warm sunshine - and now I'm aching all over but at least it's done.


  1. Hope this hotel lives up to your expectations. The view looks splendid!

  2. yes, so do I although my expectations these days are pretty low!