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Friday, 16 January 2009



I'm not sure what to say about the first night of the European leg of the New Kids on the Block tour - at the MEN arena - they're better looking than they were 15 years ago and obviously more mature. They sounded good but they're stuck in the same dance routines that were "ground breaking" back then but are old hat now. Whereas Take That have reinvented themselves and with their shows you get spectacle as well as singing, with NKOTB you get singing and dancing full stop and somehow the sight of middle aged men grabbing their crotches and revealing their boxer shorts just isn't appealing. To me anyway. The arena was about 60% full but if the jigging, yelling girls around me were anything to go by they love a sugar daddy and most were screaming for the aged stars to "get 'em off" . The band did so many encores that by 11pm I was screaming for them just to get off.

Talking about ageing, my mother brought an album of black and white photos from when I was 13. Our daughter was leafing through the album and without a hint of sarcasm declared that she thought they were very good quality considering their age.

Then I picked up a "retirement" magazine in the supermarket. I wish I hadn't bothered. It contains page after page of adverts for funeral directors, chapels of rest and nursing homes. And while I'm on my hobby horse, why do magazines like this one lump anyone over 50 in the same decrepit bracket? You don't see Judi Dench or Helen Mirren or Mick Jagger for that matter, reaching for their zimmer frames. So the magazine has taken its rightful place, ripped to shreds, in the bin.


  1. Are those really NKOTB!!.. haha.. i used to be a huge fan. They all look so different! wonder if they can still do the high pitch girly voice.. :)

  2. Hi Maggie - yes it's them, and yes they can still do those high pitched voices, especially Jordan - they do still sound good.
    Hope things are going well with you and lovely boys.