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Tuesday, 18 March 2008



Nigel Havers and Diana Quick starred in Alan Bennett's Single Spies at the Lowry - very professional, witty and slick. The History Boys didn't excite me but this production was great. If you can catch it on its tour, it's worth seeing.

The London son is finding his way round the Lake District with the help of his dad's tom tom (pity help him). This meant that we had to get to West Kirby for our OAP outing under our own steam. It was actually quite pleasant being able to listen to the car radio without the sound being drowned out by 1) directions and 2) someone arguing with the directions.



  1. Deb, I certainly do pity the London son - toiling round the Lake District with only an automated voice for company and directions isn't my idea of fun, even with the stunning scenery!

  2. But he wasn't alone- he had his girlfriend with him. Although, Deb, I do feel that C (to maintain your policy of anonymity), should get more of a mention. She could "The London son's Harpenden girlfriend" or something like that.