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Monday, 31 March 2008



We had a good weekend in Cambridge and managed to squeeze in a visit to London to see our younger son's new flat. We walked to Chiswick and had a lovely lunch before he left towatch the boat race. He managed to position himself on Hammersmith Bridge and saw theonly bit of the race where Cambridge were in the lead. Then he saw his team Villa thrashed 4-0 by Man Utd.


We stayed at the Crown Plaza thanks to a bargain deal. Everything about it was fantastic except for the heating/air conditioning system which left us shivering on both nights. And fully-sealed windows spook me a bit.



We did the touristy bits and I managed to take pictures of previously unphotographed (by me)  bits of the area.The weather's been so nice since we got home that my husband decided to put the new patio table together. It would have been too cruel to take a picture of the result - although I was tempted. Suffice to say that after two hours of sweat and swearing he asked me to help him turn it the right way up. The surface was five feet from the ground and to have any chance of seeing over the top, our daughter would have had to have jumped up and down. The legs had been put on back to front.

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