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Wednesday, 19 March 2008


The London son arrived back in one piece from his safari round the Lakes, accompanied by C from Harpenden (happy now R from W. Hampstead and O from Herne Bay ?) They got the best of the weather because today is absolutely foul. As soon as he plonked himself on the settee he started to plan his marathon rail journey back to the capital on Monday. Thanks to engineering works and Easter he'll be forced to experience the delights of Picadilly Station in Manchester and the scenery in the vicinity of Sheffield.


He found our coppice


Do we have another Wainwright in the family?

I've been out and about looking for all the "cheat" items that Delia Smith used in her crabcakes.  The ingredients cost a small fortune (much cheaper to make things from scratch). But I didn't mind too much because I look on it as an experiment. However I reckon it'll just be me eating the experiment because as soon as I mentioned what I'd done there were groans all round.

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