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Saturday, 6 December 2008


Just back from beautiful Bruges. Every time we go there I come back bursting with ideas for decorating the house - especially around Christmas but then when I get home I realise that it would all look completely out of place in Southport.  The people there have such good taste and everything is so pretty.

The hotel - DeTuilerieen - must be the best hotel we've ever stayed at. French antiques everywhere, blazing fires and a breakfast to knock your socks off - champagne, warm home-made crepes with soft, runny jams; an enormous chocolate fountain; every cheese and fruit imaginable; smoked salmon; shrimps; light-as-a-feather almond croissants etc etc etc.

The hotel lounge - the cakes on the coffee table didn't last long

While we were there we walked for a mile through a snow blizzard to see the festival of ice - hundreds of larger-than-life ice sculptures, surrounded by walls of ice - it was minus 6 and my face and fingers ached. I've no idea how Eskimos survive.

Last weekend we went to the Classical Spectacular at the MEN. But first we looked round the shops and Christmas markets in Manchester. I have never seen the place so busy and if there's a recession, the people of Manchester haven't heard about it.

Meanwhile, baby Oscar, who is now ten weeks old, is keeping as snug as a bug in a rug


  1. sounds fantastic - daughter (- who is in UK for a month again) ,Louise was going there too -you may have passed her in the blizzard!

  2. There does not seem to be a recession in Chester either. I have been up to a busy Coliseum and Cheshire Oaks this afternoon.

  3. We were at the Cheshire Oaks on the same day as you - we should have met up for a coffee! I agree - it was busy.

  4. Yes, maybe we should try to meet up sometime.