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Tuesday, 23 December 2008


I haven't been feeling the slightest bit Christmassy so I was looking forward to last night's "Spirit of Christmas" at the Philharmonic. My old chum Angela Rippon was the presenter and the evening kicked off with "In the Bleak Midwinter" so far so good but then we were trailed all over Europe (Poland, Latvia, Germany, France.....) to hear carols in foreign languages. I daresay if I'd looked at the programme in advance I'd have been made aware of this fact but, and call me old fashioned,  I thought the Spirit of Christmas in Britain was to be found in good old British carols. So I left feeling cross not Christmassy.

I set the alarm for 6am (or I thought I did) because this was to be turkey buying day. I awoke at 7.05 am - already past M&S opening time and felt even crosser than when I'd gone to bed. Anyway my husband, now able to lift himself out of bed after man-flu - saved the day and set off in search of a big bird. He returned with a sparrow and then trawled the supermarkets for another. Now we have two turkeys - one fresh, one frozen and I'm sort of going off the idea of December 25th.

But my Christmas cakes were well planned (yes, Cheshire wife, I have not one but two Christmas cakes). I saw a recipe in a Good Food mag and bought star cutters and ribbon on eBay and I'm pleased with the result although we've not tasted it yet.


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  1. Hope the turkey(s) taste good - somehow they seem smaller these days than I remember them as a child!