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Wednesday, 26 November 2008


After a delicious lunch of very rare roast beef sandwiches and big fat homemade chips at The Bay Horse Inn, Forton,


we made a huge mistake and drove down the motorway to Botany Bay - an enormous converted mill over five floors, which I thought housed millions of antiques. Tha car park was rough and flooded and once inside we joined a handful of other bewidered souls, wandering around deserted booths and stalls. We felt like The Survivors. It was most depressing and has now joined our ever-growing list of places we never want to visit again.

It was lovely to have the London son home for the weekend and Oscar managed a few beaming smiles for him.


BY juggling plates and dishes around, I have at last found a home for my Royal Copenhagen dinner service. I now have three huge boxes of old crockery waiting to be taken to the charity shop and 25 items on eBay  and my mother says she will never visit our house for a meal ever again as she refuses to eat off a plate that I've told her is worth £200. Well, she'll just have to bring a plate of her own, while the rest of us dine in style.


  1. London son is looking as if he would like his own Oscar.

  2. I'm not sure what C from Harpenden would have to say about that...