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Tuesday, 8 July 2008


I know it's bad manners to talk about money so here goes.......

The credit crunch, usually something I've only read about and then turned the page, is now starting to crunch me. Ever since I left the paper I've written press releases for the Chester branch of Barratt Homes. The HQ is a lovely modern building very handily (often too handily) placed for the Cheshire Oaks outlet village. When I went along the other day for my normal monthly meeting there was an unusual air of gloom about the place. Apparently, the night before, every single one of them had been given their marching orders and the whole place is to close at the end of the month. I'm desperately sad for them - most have families and mortgages and they're not getting any younger - but I'm sorry to report that a bit of self-pity crept into my head as well. That was a very nice regular income and paid for birthday and Christmas presents. So what now?

I've increased my mystery shopping activities (should I have kept that a mystery?) and my entrepreneurial spirit is coming to the fore. All I need is that one big idea...... any helpers?

As I write, the London son is en-route for Heathrow via Dubai. I see there are severe weather warnings for the South so this morning's worry is that his plane will skid off the runway. I woke up with a splitting headache and will tell him when I see him that I simply can't take any more adventures this year.


  1. I'm reading about builders sacking more employees every day - I can't see where it's going to end. I hope your adventurous son got back safely - no reports of any planes skidding off runways so I think he must be safe and sound.

  2. yes he's back - just awaiting a call and then I can quiz him.

  3. I hate to disillusion you, but I have been looking for the next big idea for some time and there is no sign of it. So I wish you luck.